Stitched In Fiction

by Revibe

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Stitched in Fiction was recorded at:
New England Institute of Technology,
East Greenwich RI,
Lane Gibson Studios, Charlotte VT,
and The Cratch Lair


released June 30, 2015

Chad Bigelow- Bass & Vocals
David Luongo- Guitar & Saxophone
Lewis Gillies- Guitar, Keyboards, Samples, & Vocals
Sam Pratt- Drums & Percussion
Trevor Best- Drums
All music written and performed by Revibe
Lyrics by Chad Bigelow and Lewis Gillies
Engineered by Ben Perry, Lane Gibson, and Lewis Gillies
Mixed and mastered by Ben Perry
Album cover by Daryl Storrs
Graphic design by Marco Baccellieri
Copyright © Revibe 2015



all rights reserved


Revibe Burlington, Vermont

Revibe is a 4 piece funk/rock/jazz/electronica band that blend tight composition with adventurous improvisation. The result is a unique and complex sound which transitions seamlessly between memorable songs and energetic, yet patient, jams. All four members stem from diverse and distinct musical backgrounds, creating a sound that spans a large spectrum of musical tastes. ... more

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Track Name: Terrestrial Dreams
Ted Bundy he still wants me walk right into the golden sun see
things you never thought you could see like the bright glowing
breeze of the ripe growing trees and your sister’s giving me
blisters take it how you want it lets go smoke a blunt and get
lifted oh so twisted roll fire thread right into the mystic and
realistic factors of blisses and I just want kisses from beautiful
misses a realist with an internal mist you can’t look within so
you fight with your fists

evil spiders always make the best jazz writers if you get inspired
try not to start a fire or get hired to some dead end job working
for corporate slobs or government snobs and this quickly all
making me sickly calico dreadlock asking if I keep my glock cocked
even when I’ve consumed this much lsd bro are you mad at me you’re
a fucking fallacy blinded by reality a slave to your salary you find
me to be radically consumed by duality in actuality I’m exactly
where I want to be floating amidst in my own collective eternity

worst part about it found I’m routed in the mountains and the
streams hopes of rivers in my extra normal terrestrial dreams
found a fountain but also doubt in all my standard tendencies I
find my mind it weaves through vines that often bind my expertise

and in due time the sullen brine will set upon my wicked mind and
you may find your dread filled eyes and perfect guise won’t settle
flies and through the lines you will find signs of blood lit moons
and moving dunes and I do hope you will come soon to spread your
smile round my room
Track Name: Riptide
Inside my box of magic
I brought us a (treat)
Treat yourself to all the products
of whatever is (free)
Freezing in this cold insistence
that sight cannot (see)
Seasons rushing like the rapids
They’re swallowing me
Swallowing me

Roots can’t survive in sand when
the carpets a(ppear)
Peering down you are the rider
on the fulcrum of (fear)
Fearsome as the tide that took you
when you tempted your (fate)
Fatal words float up and find me
Always showing up late
Showing up late

This bud won’t burst to bloom lest
the dew meets the (day)
Daydreams pulled by shapeless forces
as we’re waxing a(way)
Waning nights hold words that rip us
from the faces we (wear)
Where there waits a box of Magic
Til the spark is a flare
Track Name: Peel
Can you get yourself off when you’re stranded in hair
And the hang of your brain from your dangling ear
Not a moment to lose when it spotted the door
You snap and you’re picturing moments before
On the top pick of bottoms you’re digging a nest
Under holes of a man is a place you can fester
Feel a creep just chillin’ right up my spine
Eekin’ to the left what I find I’m okay again

Elevatin’ the senses to make you feel nice
Lose yourself in the salty sweet grip of that vice
My tongue’s got the key if there’s still something missin’
Yelling at the top of my lungs until you listen
Peel off the layers that are stitched in fiction
Each is fuckin’ with your head for the sake of the friction
End up naked at the end of the day
Let me tell you what I say I’ma say I’m okay again
Track Name: Fruit of the Doom
sing a couple of psalms
from the necronomicon
as i rip a bong
on the white house lawn
the cratchen will raise strong
once the sacrifice is done
and all wealth is gone
and we all are one
reach the river by dawn
now my footprints are gone
and i travel on
as this prophecy rings strong
with foretold demon stealth
clothed in an animal pelt
and a feeling is felt
telling me to look at myself

but i am not myself
i am someone else

feeling quite divine
now that i burned all the vines
that have confined my mind
now this jungle is mine
and my first forte
is my nasty ways
when i pass away
my body will blaze for days
and ill craze away
with my glazed over gaze
as i phase between
planes of seen and unseen
and the feeling is mean
and it divides and gleams
and its looking at me
yes its looking at me

but i am not myself
i am someone else

all the wheezing and coughing
and passing of offerings
and scoffing at coffins
like rich folk at law firms
its making me nauseous
an ostrich sized crawfish
destroying a mosh pit
as the band plays onward
and onward through time
the derelict state of their rhymes
gives the feeling of mimes
and unveiling of knives
and the feeling is nice
but its melting my eyes
and destroying all that of which i
have come to know as i

but i am not myself
i am someone else
Track Name: Delphi
And the vapor is the trail of the breath that fed the sail
When the body tired of rowing

No mistaking that we’re lost and with running comes the cost
Of forgetting where we’re going… where are we going?

We’re on the move
Neath waves that rush the ceiling
Running us through
For wounds that birth a flood of feeling
Let’s lacerate
The skin and break the anaesthetic
Let’s celebrate
Sound perceptions most prophetic

And I can see so clearly now
And suddenly you are myself somehow
Extinguish distinguished and watch
They disappear
When we are here